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Business French (1 livre + coffret de 4 CD) (en anglais)
de Assimil - Collection Langues des Affaires

Présentation de l'éditeur
Gain the confidence to enter the French-speaking business world. This highly diversified course deals with a range of topics including marketing, feasibility studies, finance and trade negotiations.
Hardback, 40 chapters in 496 pages and 4 CDs (total length: 4 hrs 15).

A Practical Guide to French Business
de Jon P. Alston

Book Description
A Practical Guide to French Business is the only book that combines in-depth description of French culture and national character with an analysis of how the French conduct business, and how to adjust to being in France. The authors focus on the values in french culture that influence business-related behavior so that non-French businesspersons can take advantage of French biases and customs. The result of extensive research and experience with the French business community and French society, this book offers a unique synthesis that sheds new light on the practical aspects of French business practices. A Practical guide to French Business provides insight on French business customs and shows how to deal with the French during the workday and social events. This book combines general guidelines with specific advice. The work provides the most comprehensive guide for those seeking to overcome the problems that France and French business practices may initially pose.

About the author
Jon P. Alston has published six books, including Business Guide to Modern China. He is a professor of sociology at Texas A&M university. Melanie Hawthorne is professor of French at Texas A&M university. Sylvie Saillet is a student at the Ecole Supereure de commerce, Dijon, France.

French Business Dictionary: The Business Terms of France And Canada
de Agnes Bousteau

Book Description
The business terms of France and Canada



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